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Office of the University Building Official

Design Criteria

For the Main Campus located in Blacksburg Virginia:

Ground Snow Load: 30 psf

Wind Exposure: Category B (unless otherwise determined by actual site conditions)

Wind Speed: 90 mph

Spectral Response Acceleration:
Ss%g: 28% (unless otherwise determined by actual site conditions)
S1%g: 7% (unless otherwise determined by actual site conditions)

Subject to Damage from:
Weathering: Severe
Frost Depth: 24” min.
Termite: Moderate to heavy
Decay: Slight to Moderate

Ice Shield Required: yes

Flood Hazard: some areas yes, refer to FIRM

Climate Zone: 4

Winter Design Temperature: 16 F

Yearly Heating Days: 4150

Yearly Cooling Days: 1154

Mean Annual temperature: 55 F

Air Freezing Index: 250

Latitude/Longitude: 37° 13’ 38.94” N / 80° 25’ 19.70” W

University Building Official

Heather M. Snidow
Permit Technician
Phone: 540-231-5534

Steven Smith, PE
Phone: 540-231-2662

Joseph D. Zokaites, PE
Phone: 540-231-6613

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