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Office of the University Building Official

UBO Fees

The following table of rates has been approved by the University and apply to the permitting and inspection of all construction work performed on Virginia Tech owned property in the Commonwealth. For more information about the jurisdiction of the UBO, please refer to Policy 5407 and the Policies information contained in this website.

Construction Project ValueApproved UBO FEES
effective 5/1/2012
MinMaxCost For Permit
$0 $4,000 $40
$4,001 $10,000 $60
$10,001 $25,000 $100
$25,001 $50,000 $250
$50,001 $100,000 $500
$100,001 $250,000 $1,500
$250,001 $2,000,000 $3,500
(Capital Projects)
Billed $119/hour

University Building Official

Heather M. Snidow
Permit Technician
Phone: 540-231-5534

Steven Smith, PE
Phone: 540-231-2662

Joseph D. Zokaites, PE
Phone: 540-231-6613

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